Will Cooling and Luke Middup return to talk about Jeremy Corbyn’s confident start to the election campaign, Theresa May’s attempts to escape both David Cameron’s manifesto promises and the debates, and play a lightening round of MPs to Watch. And if the UK General Election wasn’t enough, they look at the battle to control Unite and to become the next French President.

You can get the episode here http://www.buzzsprout.com/96109/503442-it-could-be-said-2-trumpian-corbyn-vs-reticent-may.mp3


Myself and Dr Luke Middup talk about the implications of Theresa May’s shock announcement of a General Election on Thursday June 8th 2017. We look at why May changed her mind, what the future holds for Labour and the Liberal Democrats, and predictions for the election results!

You can listen to it here https://www.buzzsprout.com/admin/episodes/502245-it-could-be-said-1-ready-steady-general-election


Today saw the formal launch of Owen Smith’s Graduate Tax.

For reasons that only he knows, he’s proposed a threshold of £15,000. This is six thousand pounds lower than the threshold used for post-2012 Tuition Fees. What this means is that under Owen Smith’s system – graduates earning less than £21,000 would once again be paying towards their higher education.

Smith outlined the Graduate Tax would be an income tax surcharge of 1-2% of income. So someone earning £21,000 would now be paying between £60 and £120 in Graduate Taxes. This despite them paying nothing under the current system. This stealth tax on the poorest graduates means that the tipping point where someone is better-off under the Graduate Tax may be as high as £22,700.

And remember, as I outlined earlier this week, they would paying these extra taxes for no good reason due to the inherent flaws in a Graduate Tax.

After Saturday’s thrilling finale to the NatWest T20 Blast we should all be focusing on celebrating Northamptonshire’s miraculous victory against the odds. Forget Leicester City, a club owned by Thai billionaires, the Steelbacks are an underdog without caveat. Not only are they millions in debt and constantly having their best players snatched away by bigger clubs, but their own governing body would rather they weren’t in the competition. Because much like the West Indies last year, sport has once again conspired to prove the ECB’s tough talking chairman wrong. The competition that Colin Graves openly denounced as mediocre was at its death contested by two teams who would never be invited into his proposed eight team ‘city-based’ T20 super league.

Unlike most people whose hackles are raised by the idea of an elite tournament that bypasses the established first-class sides, I am no great follower of the County Championship. However I believe that the ‘English Premier League’ proposal is a stupid idea that ignores the T20 Blast’s strengths, misidentifies why it hasn’t achieved the same objectives as the IPL or Big Bash, goes against basic principles of English sport and fails to seize the unique opportunity presented to all sports by the Sky/BT battle for supremacy.

Here’s eight thoughts on the future of T20 Cricket in the UK.

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Will Cooling looks at how the Labour Party has yet to come to terms with how Brexit has exposed a fundamental rift between its middle class and working class supporters. This inability to appeal to all of its supporters is (rather than Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership) the real reason the party’s very existence is at risk.

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Will Cooling argues that the crisis over replacing Antonio Scalia shows that America’s constitution needs to be amended to avoid divided government.

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Will Cooling argues that the money George Obsorne is spending on increasing the old age pension would be better spent on increasing the number of pensioners!

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