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Will Cooling and Luke Middup return to talk about Jeremy Corbyn’s confident start to the election campaign, Theresa May’s attempts to escape both David Cameron’s manifesto promises and the debates, and play a lightening round of MPs to Watch. And if the UK General Election wasn’t enough, they look at the battle to control Unite and to become the next French President.

You can get the episode here http://www.buzzsprout.com/96109/503442-it-could-be-said-2-trumpian-corbyn-vs-reticent-may.mp3


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Myself and Dr Luke Middup talk about the implications of Theresa May’s shock announcement of a General Election on Thursday June 8th 2017. We look at why May changed her mind, what the future holds for Labour and the Liberal Democrats, and predictions for the election results!

You can listen to it here https://www.buzzsprout.com/admin/episodes/502245-it-could-be-said-1-ready-steady-general-election


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