Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria in 2011 the west’s response to what is undoubtedly a vast human tragedy has not been helped by what can only be described as a lot of loose talk around the idea of using air power to create humanitarian safe areas analogous to those created for the Kurds in Iraq in 1991. Perhaps the best example of the kind of argument being made for this is a recent guardian op-ed piece by the former International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell and the Labour MP Jo Cox see here Continue Reading »


After weeks of speculation both Russia and France have now entered the fray in Syria and what is rapidly becoming the most complex geopolitical puzzle of the 21st century just got even more complicated. For all of the hyperventilating over Russian intervention, there are five points to bear in mind. Continue Reading »

Jeremy Corbyn’s first few days as Labour Party Leader have not gone as well as one may have hoped. There are of course many reasons for this but the one that shouldn’t be overlooked is the new Leader of the Opposition’s misplaced attempt at moderation.

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With the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn actually being the Leader of the Opposition becoming ever more likely, the debate has switched to whether he is ‘electable’. The answer is no but interestingly it’s for a reason that even the hard-left recognise; income tax.

You will have heard a lot from ‘Jez’ and his fellow comrades on the need to make the rich contribute more through a combination of tax rises and other measures to tackle tax avoidance. What they are more circumspect about is what role taxation on everyone else will play in building their New Jerusalem.

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This article’s title is taken from that master political horse trader, Lyndon Bains Johnson, and the Greek government should have taken his sage advice. Equally the Europeans seem to have taken exactly the same advice to heart. What’s truly remarkable about Monday’s last minute deal is that nobody seriously expects that it will solve any of Greece’s underlying problems. Continue Reading »

To be elected in 2020, the Labour Party needs to confront one problem above all others.

And that problem is that it is seen as the party of poor people.

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Yorkshire and the Midlands have traditionally been where British elections are won and lost. Yorkshire is perhaps the most demographically and geographically diverse region in England and its distribution of seats goes from the huge sprawling cities of Leeds and Bradford to the small villages that make up a massive constituency such as Haltonprice and Howdon. Whichever party performs best in Yorkshire will probably have the most seats in the new House of Commons on Friday morning. Here are my seven seats to watch.

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