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First, let me get the preliminaries out of the way. The following are my own personal opinions based on my own limited experience. I do not claim to speak on behalf of all disabled people and other opinions are available. But I don’t like disabled sport. There, I’ve said it. Already, I can feel a slight creeping guilt that somehow, as a disabled person, I’ve let the side down by admitting this. But let me explain my reasons. (more…)


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Here is how any debate attempting to analyse an item of popular culture in a political way in a blog form will generally go. Blogger puts forward a case that something has something that they wish to dissect – lets for the sake of argument claim they call it misogynistic -, commenter will claim that this over-reading something (and if it was a comedy that it was just a joke/the Blogger has no sense of humour), then someone will claim that they are ignoring all of the cases of discrimination against men in other pieces (either real or imagined) and then someone else will claim that doing this is pointless because either it isn’t tackling any real issues.

It is this final moment in so many debates, which normally comes just before Godwin’s Law is activated, that I want to take issue with, that analysing cultural concerns distract from dealing with making more concrete changes. I would contend that culture creates environments in which policy decisions are made possible, therefore it is vital for people to criticise pieces of popular culture that they find concerning, because by ignoring worrying cultural trends you allow the ground to be prepared for real actions.


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